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Singapore Pickup




Daily Pickup

We operate a scheduled pick-up service with stops at your office/residence, so that your daily predictable outward packages can be dispatched efficiently.  Multiple pick-ups are also possible depending what your business needs


Cost Effective

You don’t have to subscribe to a monthly contract, or pay any admin fees.  You can use MilkRun services on the fly as long as you want, and choose the contract that makes the most financial sense for you.  Our deals offer the maximum flexibility for you, the customer.



Our equipment and our staff have been carefully chosen to take care of your shipments, to keep them safe from damage or theft.  When MilkRun accepts your package, we commit to getting it safely to its destination.


A number of delivery options exist, delivery on the same day, within a few hours, or even at a stated time.  We know the importance of speed in our business, and our system is geared to rapid, predictable service.

Door To Door

We’ll come to you.  When you deal with MilkRun, you never have to leave your office or home to send a package or to receive one.  Call us, we’ll be there to pick it up! Tell us who you want to order from, we’ll tie up with them.

Worldwide Network

With our worldwide partner network, we can also deliver anywhere in the world.  All you need to do, is apply for a quote and we’ll let you know instantly how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Service Guidance

PHL delivery provide Next Day delivery to all location within Singapore Main Islands except offshore Islands (Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, Tekong, St. John, ETC) Upon confirmation of your booking online or phone booking, we will assign the pick up immediately to the pick up location. Real Time tracking is used to ensure accountability and trace locality. All delivery will be performed in accordance to PHL terms and conditions where delivery orders received after cut-off time will be performed the next day or available time-slot.

Service Restrictions

Types of delivery (Monday to Saturday delivery till 10pm)

Pricing Guide

Parcel Size Small Medium Large Xtra-Large
Dimension(L+W+H) < 100 cm < 150 cm < 200 cm < 300 cm
Weight < 5 kg < 10 kg < 20 kg < 30 kg
Additional Charges Free +SGD1.00 +SGD4.00 +SGD10.00

** Above additional charges applicable on per package.

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